Our first Point
identified for research is to prove that
there is One Primordial Religionglossary

The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research




 We can prove that there is one Primordial Religion :
  • If we prove that all religions guide manglossary to live according to the Divine Law
  • If we prove that all religions emphasize the same concepts.
  • If we prove that religions feed into, and confirm each other.

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Therefore, we  prove  herein that all revelations guide man  to:
Believe in the Supreme Power, the Originator of the Divine Law; a belief that may free him from devotion to any false life and relate him to the divinity within and around
Believe in the continuation of life, and to focus on the spiritual growth while on earth
  To  live according to the Divine Lawglossary through:
Relating man's activities on earth to his ultimate goal(s) of existence, and to face earthly challenges
Religious practices that are vehicle to purification and spiritual growth

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Revelations have been coming to coincide with manís increasing spiritual maturity.  Revelations  are and will be relevant to man as a source of guidance and can respond to his spiritual needs, that is, he can always read them anew.