All Revelations guide man to believe
in the Supreme Power, the Originator of the Divine Law;
a belief that may free him from devotion to any false life
and relate him to the divinity within and around

The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research

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When manglossary realizes that there is a Supreme Powerglossary through which the eternal law of life works and believes in that power, he continues to see order in everything around, and understands that Heaven and Earth were created according to a law and for a purpose, not in vain. If man listens to and observes carefully the order within the natural world, he will find that every thing reflects and stands to point to the Supreme Power.

All revelations called man to observe faithfully the order of the natural world, because out of this observation, man might be able to realize that there is one order that governs nature. The realization that may prompt him to think of the origin of this order; the Supreme Power that is beyond the entire visible world.

If man perceives the world as dominated by scattered and conflicting powers,  he fails to see that order beyond those powers. The awareness of the order leads to the belief in the eternal law. The law can be subject to “faith” and “knowledge” at the same time. From the natural point of view, science is made possible only because there was a belief in a certain order. Knowledge has been developing and the accumulation of human knowledge reinforces more questions about the universe and its order. The more man knows, the more he will realize that there is still more to be known ad infinitum.

Man can make a great mistake if he believes that the visible represents the whole knowable sphere, or that  knowledge is only limited to what can be physically   measured. Those assumptions distract man from believing in the unseen , the transcendent, as well as from linking himself to the power beyond. Man can experience the existence of the unseen and unknown.  Man needs that experience to realize how order in the natural world points to the Divine law. While the mind is a tool to understand the natural world, the heart or the insight is the tool to experience the Divine Law. The Divine Law is Supreme and will remain transcendental.

When man gives himself a chance to reflect on his own existence, his awareness of the Supreme Power may burst forward and he would understand that he must have been created for a purpose. This awareness frees him from illusions.

Revelations support man along his earthly journey. They enlighten his way. On the one hand, they direct man’s attention to the Heavenly Origin of every thing, the Supreme Power. On the other hand, they help him uncover the divine part within himself because it is that part of man that is capable of freeing him from illusions.  Illusions are   a direct consequence of  attaching  values to things that are not important and  ignoring things that are. To be free is to be pure enough to discern the authentic from the fake, what is real from what is false. Along the way in his life, layers of illusion fall away and the truth prevails.

Supreme Power in Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

Supreme Power in Taoism

Supreme Power in Hinuism

Supreme Power in Budhism

Supreme Power in Judasim

Supreme Power in Cristianity

Supreme Power in Islam

Within himself, man carries the secret of all creation, God's treasury. The nature of this treasury is explained through the place that man was given in the Cosmos. Man is privileged by his ability to recognize the divine within and around.
When man is guided to relate himself to the Supreme Power, he learns at the same time how to surrender to the law of life. As such obedience to God does not connote oppression. Quite the contrary, through surrender to the Eternal Law of Life, man becomes completely free. An analogy can be drawn from the nature of plants. If  the law of their existence is   violated  and they are not allowed water or  fertile land, they will die. If man becomes a servant to imaginary powers, he will lose the link with the Originator of life and hence will lose life itself. If he attunes himself to the law, he will be part of the Creative Power. He will be metamorphosed into a Servant of God, a Word of God, Ra, Buddha, or Tao.

The Ancient Egyptian beliefs, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam guide man to believe in the Supreme Power. Each of them gives the Supreme Power a different name, but they all point to the One Power out of which the universe  originated, emerged, or existed.

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Most  revelations point to the existence of the Divine Law, and attribute all   creation to One Origin. They give this One Origin different names Neter, Tao, Brahma, God, Allah. This one origin is supreme, eternal, transcendent, eminent, sublime, exalted, omnipresent, omnipotent, and whole.  We call it here the Supreme Power.
Islam confirms what other revelations have taught about the Supreme Power, Allah. Islam came to clarify in details the relationship between man and Allah.  In order to achieve his ultimate goal (being a Servant of Godglossary), man should live according to the Divine Law of life. To surrender to Allah, or to be His servant will free man from all limited and constrained attachments.