All revelations guide manglossary to believe
in the continuation of life,
and to focus on the spiritual 
growth while on earth

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Revelations guide man to work for gaining real life;glossary the potential for  which he has in the fabric of his deepest being. Born here on earth, encased in matter makes man susceptible to overlook his spiritual being; and to consequently handle his whole life from the perspective of matter. Revelations uncover that the origin of all existence is Spirit; and to overcome duality, they guide man to purify his whole existence in order to be able to experience his spiritual truth.

Moreover, they point out that his spiritual being should be given the chance of nourishment by receiving spiritual energy and enlightenment from the Source of all Life:glossary the Supreme Power. Prophets revealed to man that to be linked to the Supreme Power is as important or even more important than supplying oneself with food and shelter, since this is what will keep man really alive. In order to be nourished man needs to be ready to receive the spiritual enlightenment. This readiness requires inner purification. Purification, revelations clarify, is the preparation that is needed in order for man to nourish his inner being.

The concept of  continuation of life in Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

The concept of  continuation of life in Taoism

The concept of  continuation of life in Hinuism

The concept of  continuation of life in Budhism

The concept of  continuation of life in Judasim

The concept of  continuation of life in Cristianity

The concept of  continuation of life in Islam

The idea that man is not merely a body, but also a spirit, makes man capable of looking at life from the perspective that diminishes the power of the physical needs as determining factors in his decisions, and empowers his spiritual entity. Revelations, therefore, guide man to know who he really is. The meaning of purification is explained through the understanding of his mission on earth, and the meaning of life.

Revelations uncover that man's capability to receive  spiritual energy from a higher source is associated with purity of the heart. An impure heart causes his insight to be dimmed and he cannot perceive beyond the physical realm then.The purer the heart is the more capable man becomes of responding positively to the voice of the Spirit within and around. The more the heart is gross the further man is from listening to the voice of the Spirit
So revelations clarify to man that purification and spiritual growth go hand in hand. Once man is qualified for real life, his earthly life becomes a stage in an eternal life, which he continues safely after departing from earth.

The concept of  continuation of life, which illuminates man's way in earthly life and leads him to purify himself, is apparent in  Ancient Egyptian beliefs, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

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  • All  revelations pointed to the relationship between purification and the continuation of life after the phenomenal death.
  • Islam  in particular reveals that purification is possible if man is  exposed to Allah's Grace. Islam clarifies that  it is through Allah's Blessing that man is capable of finding his way to life and  growing spiritually. Allah's mercy should be remembered and sought always.  This in itself is a way for purification.  Prophet Muhammad expresses this kind of awareness, when he affirms that no one goes to heaven as an outcome of his own deeds. When he was asked, "even you the Messenger of Allah?". He responded, even me unless Allah's mercy overwhelms me. In Islam, every act in man's life could be an act of purification if it is done from the perspective of targeting truth and goodness irrespective of any egotistic considerations, that is, dealing with Allah, al ta'amul ma'a Allah.