Revelations guide manglossary to live
according to the Divine Lawglossary
through relating  his activities on earth
to his ultimate goal(s) of existence,
and to face earthly challenges

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The belief in the Supreme Power is not a mere uttering of words. It is an approach to life, according to which man’s actions will be oriented. In other words, faith in the Supreme law and the transcendental level of existence means at the same time that man looks to the meaning of his own existence from a perspective that would link him to the whole universe in its physical and transcendental manifestations. His mundane life would be observed within that context.

The nature of  earthly life builds veils between man and his real mission. Therefore, man needs to struggle to uncover those veils so that he can perceive the real meaning of living, and liberate himself from illusions. The task is not easy. Man tends to forget the mission for which he came to the earth. He is given life through a physical body in order to use it for sublime goals. Instead he lets the body’s needs dominate and control his direction. In earthly life, he is given the tools to pursue his spiritual transformation. Alas, the tools become ends. This confusion between tools and ends is a prevailing feature in earthly life.

Earthly existence, perishing as it is,  is an important phase where man has the chance to learn and develop spiritually. Revelations guide man to appreciate being on earth out of the conviction that every moment counts in his spiritual advancement. Focusing on the ultimate goals of life is a way that gives earthly activities their merit without sacrificing the spiritual call within. Revelations remind man of the purpose of his creation, emphasize that being on earth is temporal, and draw his attention away from serving false values.

The awareness of the purpose of life is what makes earthly life worth living. Having this awareness, man would appreciate the opportunity he has by being on earth and would be grateful for it. He may express his gratitude through deeds that are of benefit to himself and to others.

The realization of the fact that living on earth is temporary and not eternal could raise man's ability to discern between what is false and what is real. He may learn not to be attached to deceptive values where status, wealth, prestige, and power are appreciated as absolute values. Yet, he would always consider that these mundane achievements could be themselves used to serve humane purposes and as such become tools for him to link himself to the Supreme Power.

Revelations teach man how to turn every aspect of  earthly activities into means and tools that may be used to serve the end goal of existence. As such, they teach him how to deal with his fellow men and with nature as a whole, but above all they teach him how to deal with himself.

living accroding to the divine law in Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

living accroding to the divine law in Taoism

living accroding to the divine law in Hinuism

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living accroding to the divine law in Cristianity

living accroding to the divine law in Islam

The challenges that face man do not exist only around him, but they reside also in his heart. When he responds to outside temptations, he nourishes that side of the self which isolates him from the source of life, aiming at killing his holy side. Sometimes this is called the "devil side", or the "ego" or the "lower self". Creeping in the dark, it plays on the rhythm of selfishness and pride, imprisoning man in his limited interests, and giving those interests false values.

Man is only able to save his holy side if he chooses the right orientation towards life, that is if he links himself to the all encompassing reality. If he nourishes his inner self with love, his real Self glossarywill remain alive. Love widens the interests of man and links him to the whole.

All revelations are built on love. For love is the practical way of reflecting the oneness of the origin of every thing. Love enforces the belief that the whole world is related and fuses the mirage of the separation. Love means that there is only one reality that is manifested in everything. Therefore, if one relates himself to the world, he will be related to his divine self. If man relates himself to the Divine, Supreme Power, he will relate himself to the whole world.

To live according to the Divine Law and to face earthly challenges is the goal of the  Ancient Egyptians, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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  • All revelations warn man against his evil side and guide him to get over it. It was clear for all revelations that earthly existence has both positive and negative aspects. On earth man is vulnerable to forget his ultimate goal of existence. Yet if he is aware of  the reason why he is sent to earth, he could achieve spiritual advancement.
  • In Islam, living on earth can be a very rewarding experience if man looks at his earthly activities as a way to develop spiritually. There is no such sharp dichotomy between what is spiritual and what is worldly. The deciding factor is man's orientation toward life and his inner intentions.