All Religious Practices
are Vehicles to Purification
and Spiritual Growth

The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research

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Purification as a goal, requires awareness from man’s side of the necessity of continuous practices in order to polish the heart from  worldly dust and darkness. Then, the divine core of man would have a chance to nourish his whole being and direct him to live truly and grow spiritually. Revelations gave man several means and tools to purify himself in order to grow spiritually and hence be accessible to the support of the Supreme Power.

Spiritual living follows a law. The spirit should be continuously nourished. The different practices that were given through the wide spectrum of all revelations are meant to provide the soul with the essential nourishment and above all, with the essential environment within which the soul can develop and grow. Revelations have attempted to clarify that in fact, we are spirits shrouded in a material form. Hence, being physically clean is a form of preparation for one’s body to act as a medium between the spiritual and physical realms.There is a relationship between the purification of the body and the awakening of the soul

Some practices  direct man to be attached to the Supreme Power. However, attaching one's self to the higher transcendent power is only possible if the divinity from within is awakened. For it is this divine part within man which longs to be connected to its Origin. Man is guided to make this connection through different practices.

Therefore, revelations encourage the experience of the divinity from within to  overwhelm  human existence.

Man is also guided to be a channel for the higher Power
to reach others. In order to achieve that goal, he is guided to express his attachment to the Supreme Power through his love for his fellow men by sharing with them what he has. As much as he is a channel through which the Divine Love flows, he is also a receiver of this Divine Love from another higher form of human existence. He should always remind himself of the existence of that higher human  through remembering that the source of light will never cease to exist on earth and is always represented by such a human.

There are different practices that stress  how to be connected to the Supreme Power through a higher source.

All Revelations call man to commit to religious practices. Through taking this path, man is always reminding himself of his relationship with the Origin of life. He also allows himself to abandon his earthly existence for a while and live as a spirit. That is the way he could clean his soul from illusions.

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Revelations take man along the path of purification and spiritual growth gradually and gently. Through practicing rites and other commandments, man bridges the gap between knowledge and realization. It is not enough to know that plants need water to grow. Rather, this knowledge must be followed by the act of watering the plant, otherwise it would die. As such, it is not enough to know that man needs to purify himself in order to receive spiritual nourishment, he has to move ahead and purify himself.