One Religion and
Many Revelations

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In the Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the term "Islam" is used to point to the One Primordial Religion Deen al Fitra. To clarify this statement, we are going to depend mainly on how the Holy Qur'an uses the words "Islam" and "Muslim". There are three points that are dealt with herein. First, it is obvious that, in the Holy Qur'an as well as The Prophet Muhammad's teachings, "Islam" points to the Primordial Religion that was revealed to Abraham u and to all Prophets afterwards. Second, Islam as such is expressed through the behavior and beliefs of those who were called Muslims in the Holy Qur'an. Third, to be a Muslim is to live according to the Divine Law. Prophets are exemplars of how to live in harmony with that Law, and their teachings guide man to that end. Next >>>

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