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The Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) confirms the previous revelations' guidance, and reforms the distortion that had occurred to the authentic teachings.

As it has become obvious from the discussion in the previous section, The Holy Qur'an uses the word "Islam" to describe all previous revelations. From this standpoint, a "Muslim" is the one who adopts an approach to life where her/his ultimate goal of life is to surrender to the Supreme Law and that is the meaning of tasleem. As much as they had that approach in common, each prophet expressed his surrender in a particular way.

The Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) uncovered this oneness of Religion, stressing the main concepts that had guided humanity towards finding purpose of existence and fulfilling being completely free by surrendering to the Supreme. Accordingly, The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not come with a NEW Religion, but he came to confirm the teachings of the previous revelations and introduce them anew. The Revelation to the Prophet (PBUH) did not only stress what other prophets carried but also revealed what the followers of other revelations overlooked or distorted. As such, the Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) deepened the understanding of the previous messages. The Call that the Prophet carried, as the Holy Qur'an and the life of the Prophet (PBUH) show, relates to the other Messages in a profound way.

The following points are going to be discussed in order to show how the Holy Qur'an related the Call that The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) carried to other Revelations, through confirmation, and clarification.

First, guidance of the Holy Qur'an shows that every prophet came to confirm the teachings of previous prophets.

Second, in the way that a Revelation confirms teachings of the previous ones, it clarifies the misunderstanding that prevails among the followers of those previous Revelations and corrects the way and the approach that people take. Through the process of revealing the main concepts and beliefs of the Primordial Religion, the understanding of these beliefs deepens and develops to fit with the increase in man's awareness.  Next >>>

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