Through Clarification

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It has become clear that by confirming the message embedded in previous Revelations, the Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) uncovered the core call of the One Primordial Religion that had been revealed from Adam (PBUH) to Jesus. Through confirmation, the Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad explained to followers of Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) their own teachings and clarified the problematic issues that had confused both.

Teachings to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) renewed the Call for believing in One Origin; to whom every thing will return. That knowledge has the potential to enlighten man's way, so s/he can find purpose for existence and focus in life. Faith in the oneness of God, the Supreme is the way to support man to overcome fears, and lead her/him to make her/his earthly life spiritually fruitful, despite all existing earthly challenges.

Literal commitment to commandments without understanding and experiencing the divinity within, leads humans to hold on dogmas and imprison themselves in frames of their own creation. By missing their way, they fell in the abyss of spiritual darkness and ignorance. Messengers of Allah represent His Light by being living examples of their messages. They came to enlighten man's way by their very existence. Following them is to open one's heart to God's Light. Following their teachings enable man to get liberated from illusions and achieve salvation.

In the way that The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was confirming other Revelations' teachings through clarification; he provided the core concepts that will remain enlightening humankind's way. This is the main theme of the following section.

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