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Islam as revealed to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) introduced key concepts that elucidate the base of the one Primordial Religion that was expressed gradually through all Revelations. Those concepts constitute a guideline that can help humanity all through coming generations. Reading the teaching of Islam, some concepts were revealed and are included in this section. First, to surrender to the Divine Law is a goal that is sought for people who have faith in The Unseen Transcendental Unknown Power Al-Ghayb. Faith in the Unseen has a direct effect on man’s approach to her/himself, and the ultimate goal of her/his life. It is a faith that liberates man from the prison of whatever is transient or limited; from stagnation and dogma. Faith in Al-Ghayb would lead man to experience herself/himself as spirit, and discern the divinity within. That is what the word Fitra in Islam points to. Fitra is the Divine Law as manifested in the very existence of man. The Revelation to Muhammad (PBUH) clarifies that man’s ability to know about the Law, is expanding, and the more s/he knows the more s/he knows that he still does not know. Yet her/his search will continue to know more. It is because of al Fitra that man deserves to be God’s vicegerent.

Second, Islam terms man as God’s vicegerent pointing to the fact that with the divinity within s/he can make of the earthly journey a means of gaining spiritually. It is that divinity that makes her/him reach the rank of being Servant of God. Because man is endowed with a working will, s/he can both go in the way of spiritual growth and achieve the potential that was created for, or s/he may deviate for that path and go to the abyss of annihilation.

Third, the way of spiritual growth or salvation may be achieved through two interrelated and interdependent processes. That is to say that there must be a continuous struggle to live up to the belief in the One Supreme God, and that one should follow the guidance of those who realized that goal. Al-Shahada expresses those processes. Believing that “there is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” is not a statement to be uttered by the tongue alone; it is a Way of life that to which all revelations guide man to fulfill. The first part of al Shahada, “there is no god but God” implies a Call to man to be liberated from any illusions. For man to do that s/he needs to go through the journey of liberation from the limitations of matter with all its repercussions. Along the journey, man needs the support of a higher source; here comes the significance of the second part of al Shahada, “Muhammad is the Messenger of God”. It does not point to Muhammad (PBUH) as a mere person, it points to him as a Symbol for the truth that manifested in all prophets. It is because of that truth, that the Revelation to Muhammad (PBUH) made it part of the belief in Muhammad (PBUH) that his followers should express faith in all prophets previous to him. It is implicit that one, who really wants to surrender to God, would not refrain from receiving His Light as manifested in enlightened and enlightening people. That oneness of Light is expressed in the fourth concept: al Quibla. When directing Muslims to turn their faces towards Al Ka’ba, the holy shrine that symbolizes Baytullah “the House of God” that prophet Abraham (PBUH) founded, the Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pointed to the oneness of prophets as manifestations of Light. Among other things, al Quibla points to that oneness. Everyone needs to learn how to have a direction and a focus. That process is essential to live a well-balanced life and to be saved. By guiding people to turn their faces to the one direction, revelations support man to achieve her/his ultimate goal. If s/he succeeds to focus, s/he will be attached to Light as manifested in a higher source of guidance. Al Quibla, as such is not a place and is not confined to rites. It is a concept that reminds man of her/his direction on earth. Hence, even followers of other revelations who do not direct their prayers to the direction of al-Ka'ba, because of their affiliation to their own rites, are still following the same Quibla, if they are taking the direction towards the Light of God, that has always be there and continue to exist. They would thus surrender to the Law, and be Muslim in heart, regardless of names of religious affiliations.

These concepts form the base on which the spiritual training system is founded. They form also the main principles that guide man to live on earth where s/he has to deal with nature and with her/his fellow human being, as the following sections explain.

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