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The five pillars in Islam, termed here as the spiritual training system, are meant to emphasize the basic belief on which the Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other Revelations were founded. Namely, they aim at nurturing the heart and mind by Light, to prepare Man for receiving God's grace.

The special thing about that spiritual system as revealed to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is that it uncovers for humans their deep link with the universal order. Each “ritual” points somehow to that bond. Prayers are performed according to the movement of the earth around itself facing the Sun. While Ramadan (the holy month of Fasting) is a lunar month, it is the ninth month in the Arab Calendar. Fasting itself follows the orbit of the day and the night. The date of Pilgrimage is also decided according to the last month of the lunar months: Dhu' elhejja. It is a reminder that the ultimate goal of man’s earthly life journey is to relate her/him to Allah. Zakat, is due with every new lunar year, as an annual reminder of purifying oneself on different levels.

The spiritual training system is intersected with man's daily life and cuts across the running stream of mundane activities. Therefore it supports the individual person along her/his journey on earth and it provides her/him with an insight through which s/he can set her/his priorities and fix her/his goals.

In the Teaching to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) those pillars point to the essential “means” necessary to nourish the soul and fulfill the spiritual needs of a human being. That is why, they are considered “duties” foroudh, not in the sense that they are imposed on humans, or that humans should be forced to practice them. The name only points to the fact that the concepts and meanings embedded in that spiritual training system constitute a human’s way to harmonize with the law of spiritual growth. That is why The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised his followers to make themselves available to Allah’s Grace.

While it is true that those pillars are expressing certain abstract concepts, which can be practiced by different means, those pillars are divinely tailored to maximize man's gains through her/his earthly existence. They represent God's Mercy and Love to man. If they should be followed, it is because Man should express her/his gratitude and appreciation towards the Divine.

Following that spiritual training system provides Man with a wonderful experience. Introducing some of the underlying messages of this spiritual training system to the world is meant to convey the message of all revelations in the language and method revealed to The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . People from different creed affiliations may learn from this spiritual training system without necessarily converting to Islam. The end goal of all the spiritual systems in all revelations is to bring the spiritual consciousness to man's awareness all through her/his earthly journey. Understanding the underlying meanings of the Islamic worship system, and practicing them may also enhance believers from other religious affiliations to get the best out of their rites.

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