Ali Rafea
or Ahmed Abdel Wahed Rafea

The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research



Master Ali Rafea is the son of Master Rafea Muhammad Rafea and the guide of the Spiritual Islamic Circle.

During his earthly life, Master Rafea pointed out in different places and in different occasions that his son Ali would take the lead after his passing, continue the road that he initiated. Master Ali Rafea would not have chosen to take this responsibility. He would have tried to live his father's teachings on a personal level, limiting his call to himself. He expressed that tendency in a small circle, but it is important to understand the message behind it.

By expressing that tendency, he proved his father's words when he said "the real teacher is a continuous learner". Master Ali Rafea does not see himself as a teacher or a sheikh but a seeker of a truth. Because of his modesty and humbleness, he appeals to every one who gets close to him. Yet certain awe and respect fill the heart of whomever he speaks to.

He asks the followers of the order , not to consider him a sheikh, he is only the symbol of the circle. He continuously confirms that they are not to take his words without thinking, rather they should think hard and find the truth themselves.

This attitude in itself is a breakthrough in Sufi orders. It is a renovation of the guide-disciple relationship. It also implies a request from the disciples to struggle hard within their souls, and not to take the teachings lightly. One should  not to be dependent on outside sources completely. Knowledge should come from within, from one's own experience.

Master's Ali Rafea’s sincerity and straightforwardness, his devotion and simplicity are striking. His enlightened soul shines within clean hearts in the circle's members. They feel him very close, his words echoes in their hearts, springing from within their souls. He guides their steps all the way through.

Master Ali Rafea’ life on earth started on the seventh of April, in middle of the twentieth century, that is in 1950. He was a committed student, very successful in his study. As a matter of fact he did so well that he was chosen to be affiliated to an experimental school that was only for top students in the country. He pursued his study at the College of Engineer, Cairo University and then specialized in Computer Sciences and Had his Ph.D. from France. He is now working as a professor at the American University in Cairo, and the Supervisor of the Central lab for Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES)


One of the main points that Master Ali Rafea is stressing in the circle is the necessity to combine one's activities in life with the spiritual struggle, that is in order for one to live a life that is devoted to God in every and each minute. This approach is striking as far as other religious groups are concerned. Commonly, they distinguish between one's mundane activities and the time that one spends in meditation, contemplation and prayers. Master Ali Rafea considers these activities as two aspect of one and the same thing that is to feel God's presence with oneself at all times. That is how he became a prominent scientist and a spiritual leader at the same time without any contradiction.