The Egyptian
Society for Spiritual
and Cultural Research
Founded in 1980


Peace Responsibility Symposium
18-20 January 2008 :: Hilton Worldwide Resort
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Out of the conviction that man is spirit enclosed in matter, ESSCR devotes its efforts to awaken man to that realization. Spiritual knowledge is not meant to be for a certain creed, religion or culture. It is for every one.

The goal of this society is to disseminate knowledge about the oneness of all revelations, prophetic and natural, and to conduct research in that area. We feel that throughout history, the basic concepts that underlay the teachings of all revelations have been misunderstood, misused, misrepresented distorted and overlooked. We are attempting to clear up the misconceptions as we see them departing from a belief that the aim of all  revelations is to guide man through his earthly journey to make living spiritually fruitful.
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The first point is to prove that there is One Primordial Religion


This page demonstrates the points identified so far for research to contribute to the achievement of our goal. There is always room for more points to be indicated for investigation.

The first point is to prove that there is One Primordial Religion
that guides man to live according to the Divine Law.

"Religion" means a road, a way, and a path that is taken by man to achieve certain goals, the most important of which, is for man to return to his Originglossary. As such, he will be secured; he will be "home". We have made  "A Road Home" our channel of communication. We are stretching our hands to reach to whoever shares with us the same goal. Hand in hand with love and devotion, together we can make our life fruitful. We would thus spread love and peace on earth.

Our second point is to clarify the fact that Islam as revealed to The Prophet Muhammad guides humanity to the path, and the method to live according to the Divine Law, demonstrating that all revelations target this same purpose.

Our third point is to explain reasons that led to the emergence of thoughts and practices that deviated from the original Teaching. These trends have been stressing dogamatism, and ethnocentrism..
Our fourth point is to attract notice to some wisdom, old and new,  in the east , west and everywhere in order to show how they coincide with the guidance of the Primordial Religion. That wisdom has been revealed through the lives of known and unknown people.

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Rafea Muhammad Rafea

Ali Rafea or Ahmed Abdel Wahed Rafea

The knowledge introduced herein is based on the teachings of Rafea Muhammad Rafea. His son Ahmad Abdel Wahid Rafea, known to his intimate circle as Ali Rafea, continues the path since 1970 after the passing away of the father. Expressing the orientation of this society, Master Ali Rafea says:
"We gather in God's remembrance in order to give the chance to our hearts to gain life, souls to get purified, and for our minds to learn. We have been learning in this path that all humans are connected by a sacred bond. No one should assume superiority over others. We repeatedly stress this. He who looks for an idol to worship; someone whom he regards as an ultimate superior, this is NOT the path for him. We are all here because we all exert ourselves, try our best, and are always in search for the Truth".  (From a Thursday night speech, Dec. 28th, 1998)